Smoke is a pretty slate blue merle boy that belongs to my mother of Nightshades Border Collies. He is about as chill as they come for a border collie. He likes to be out doing things, but nothing really bothers him. So far, he seems to have been passing this on to his puppies. He is up for anything and likes to ride in the buggy with the kids! He has several pups in the agility/flyball field doing really well!Smoke's pedigree includes Imp. Taff, Abe, Imp. Spot , LML Jasper, BH Blue Heather, Silver Shadow, and Keeper One. Smoke is a gentle soul that likes people -- everyone is a friend to him.  He is especially tolerant of children and likes to be with and near people.  He puts this sweet personality on his puppies which make them excellent companions.  Smoke is also a very athletic boy, and his puppies are excellent prospects for agility, flyball, and other dog sports. 

Smoke is for Sale - Pet/Sport home only

Zues  is a uniquely colored boy with a  super sweet disposition. HE is highly freckled like his mom. He is very eager to please.He is a young guy out of Firestorm's Drama and Nightshades Smoke. He is a super active guy and likes people.  His first puppies have been absolutely gorgeous! They are very unique and very sweet pups. They are athletic and people oriented and very intelligent!

Zues has a new home living with the Pascoes!

Nitro    Blue Merle Tri

Blue eyes - rough coat - 45lbs    AKC Registered

Eros is for Sale $450 Pet price only

Firestorm's Stole My Heart  "Eros" 

Blue sable                 rough coat - 40lbs    AKC Registered

FS Music of the Stars "Berlioz" 

Chocolate Brindle

Green  eyes - rough coat - 25lbs   17"  AKC/ABCA Registered

Out of the Ashes "Zues"  Black with Ticking 

Yellow eyes - rough coat - 40lbs    AKC/ABCA Registered

Omega Mtn Marco "Marco"  Blue Merle 

Brown eyes - rough coat - 44lbs    AKC Registered

CRL Super Nova "Nova"  Blue Sable

Gray eyes - rough coat - 45lbs    ABCA/AKC Registered

Flash - Chocolate Merle Tri

Blue eyes - rough coat - 35lbs     ABCA/AKC Registered

Nova is a wonderful athletic boy with a sweet disposition. He is my big baby and is very in tune to what people want. He is such a big goof and he loves to play. It's pretty cute to watch him play with puppies. He's very lean and a very fast runner. He comes to us from CRL in Texas. He is expressive and is big into belly rubs. He has some very uniquely colored puppies, that should do well in about any situation.  It is a totally different gene that is causing these super cool colored puppies!!  Hips Vet Certified - Good

Flash Puppies

Flash is a wonderful athletic boy with a sweet disposition. He is my big baby and is very in tune to what people want. He is leggy and lean and a very fast runner. He is from Spur Bar Ranch, home of the famous BH Rowdy. Whether you are looking for a herding dog, a sporting dog, or just a beautiful best friend, his puppies are what you will want! Hips Vet Certified - Good

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Marco  is a beautiful athletic boy with a  super sweet disposition. He is very eager to please. He likes to be with people and is willing to go whereever you go - even if it is to hike to the top of a waterfall! He is a young guy that comes to us from New Mexico. He has an excellent off switch and loves to hang out and watch tv in the evening. He really does just want your attention and to do whatever you want to do. His first litter of pups has been gorgeous and are very sweet people oriented and good with kids! His father is an AKC Show champion as are most of his father's side. He has a half sister that is also titled. His mother's side is ABCA  with great dogs like BH Rowdy.

 Hips Vet Certified - Very Good 

Echo of the Dragon King "Rhaegar"  Blue Merle                 Blue eyes - rough coat - 40lbs    AKC Registered

Nitro is a gorgeous blue merle boy out of Bandit and Rosie. Bandit comes from the Rockin G Kennels and is out of champion Trial Dog Rockin G Spurs. Rosie caries Sagebrush lines. HE is just a great dog with a wonderful drive but also has an off switch. He's athletic and wants to please.  Nitro is the grandson of Rockin G Spurs, the world's most winning cowdog from 1992 to 2005 and the GCCA Open Cowdog of the year in 1995, 1997, 200, and 2001 and Visions Out of a Dream who is major pointed in conformation.  Also in Nitro's pedigree are Bismark's Flying Colours and Hastings Liz, both producers of MACH champions in agility and flyball, and CH Borderwind Kentucky Gold an AKC American Champion.  Nitro's puppies have shown themselves to have easy going personalities which make wonderful pets and also possess the speed and athletic ability to excell at agility, flyball, and other sports.

Reference Sires

These boys are former sires of Firestorm babies!

Smokin Gun "Smoke"  Slate Merle 

Blue Eyes - rough coat - 46lbs    AKC/ABCA Registered

Rhaegar is a gorgeous blue merle boy with blue eyes. He's got a goofy persoality and loves to run and play. He is out of former Nightshades and Firestorm lines tracing back to Zues (See reference sires below.He descends from some great herding and agility lines. HE has athletiscism and he's super gorgeous! First pups born beginning of February.