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Douglass, Ks



Border Collies​


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Emma  Black/White Tri  Girl  

Sale Pending

Oct 7, 2011                17"    25lb


Occasionally, I have males or females that are or will be retiring shortly. These girls will be looking for companion homes to live out the rest of their puppy free days! :) Feel free to inquire about some of the females that will be retiring this year if you are looking for a friend that is past the puppy stage. all of my girls walk on leashes (although around here they just follow). They are used to using a dog door and are crate trained!! 

Retiring Females 

      Pet Homes Only.   (No breeding homes) 

Older Pups for Sale

All older pups have begun basic obedience training including walking with a harness/leash and basic commands such as 'come' 'look', and 'sit'. These are pet/sport dog only prices

Ella  Black/White  Girl  


March 17, 2014                17"    25lb

Likes people More of a one family dog than and everyone dog. She LOVES to play with the hose while you are filling the pool

Eros - Sable Male  


December 2016                19"    40lb      Pictures on the "Our Boys" page

Rey - Black/White Girl  


June 2014                17"    20lb     Available in July

Likes people More of a one family dog than and everyone dog. She really likes stuffed toys, and she likes to hang out and do what you are doing. Very playful. When she was a pup she had an eye infection that led to an eye injury, so one eye is smaller and not as formed as her normal eye. It doesn't seem to slow her down at all.