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Border Collies​


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Occasionally, I have males or females that are or will be retiring shortly. These girls will be looking for companion homes to live out the rest of their puppy free days! :) Feel free to inquire about some of the females that will be retiring this year if you are looking for a friend that is past the puppy stage. all of my girls walk on leashes (although around here they just follow). They are used to using a dog door and are crate trained!! 

Older Pups for Sale

All older pups have begun basic obedience training including walking with a harness/leash and basic commands such as 'come' 'look', and 'sit'. These are pet/sport dog only prices

Dayton is a super sweet guy. He loves kids, he gets along with almost all other dogs. He hasn't been around small children very much, and so he doesn't do very well with them. He will do anything you say. When he was about 6 months old, he got attacked. he is missing the cartiledge on his left ear and has a scar on his left shoulder. It's still trying to heal. He has had many vet appointments though and he gets a clean bill of health every time. He is neutered and is up to date on all of his shots including rabies. He walks on a leash and is crate trained and house trained with a dog door. He would make an excellent buddy for someone middle school age or older!

Tig  Chocolate/White Tri  Girl  

Free to Approved Home

July 2004                 18"    45lb

Tig is a really nice girl. She is a retired cattle dog with a lot of spunk. She still acts like a puppy sometimes! She definately likes to be in the house and around people. She is very obedient, although, whatever cattle training she had seems to have been forgotten. She is better with older kids and doesnt like to be suprised. She does like to be the boss. Out here, she doesn't get inside as much as she would like. She's a little afraid of storms and would prefer to be inside than out. She's still very spry and playful. Good at protcting her people. She is spayed, house trained, crate trained and walks well on or off leash. Most times, she anticipates where you want to go and will meet you there. If you are looking for a companion dog for someone who lives alone, she's definatly your girl. She's been in the house with a cat before and doesn't seem to have a problem there.

Dayton -  Black/White 

​Free to Approved Home

June 2016                17"    25lb

Retiring Females 

      Pet Homes Only.   (No breeding homes)